The Story


It was 2007th. Ukraine, one of the largest countries in Europe, got it’s first golf club. 

Alexander Kobitev, the creator and president of the First Golf Club, identified the free of charge children golf academy as the main priority of the club's policy also paying attention to the family-lifestyle golf activities and of course amateur and professional sport, the top of the golf pyramid.

With the concept chosen, the First Golf Club quickly became one of the most active bodies of the Golf Federation of Ukraine and the First Golf Club was among active participants of the EGA (European Golf Association) regional activities. 


A nightmare came in 2014. Death, destruction, broken fates ... It is impossible to believe, but the First Golf Club was completely destroyed.

The golf club was destroyed as a result of military actions. The First Golf Club has become a target for multiple rocket systems and shells, with everything worth attention later taken away by the marauders.Life goes on - the ideas of fathers of the First Golf Club was reflected today in the creation of a public program of golf development.

An international fund has been set up. The support of golf and other sports stars and celebrities has been received. This is not a commercial project, it's a matter of honor and it’s an investment of every indifferent - in the peace, in the future - children, in the opportunity to confirm belonging to the great Planet, Planet of Golf!




The mission of the authors of the First Golf Club and REGOLF Foundation is to save and revive the DNA, which was created for more than a decade ago. We believe that golf is able not only to unite and inspire, but also to bring peace and reborn like the mythical bird Phoenix.

Youth Academy

One of the main tasks of REGOLF project is creation a full-fledged and up-to-date children golf academy in Ukraine with serious world experts involvement and development of an affordable golf infrastructure throughout the country.


If you are not indifferent to the fate of the First Golf Club in Ukraine, to the complex development of children's golf and affordable golf infrastructure, you are more

Want to participiate in the initiative to revive our golf club
and the development of our large-scale ideas